Our factories and partners

1-Hot Rolled Steel Strips Mill

Specialized in producing Hot rolled steel strip. With advanced equipments and excellent technology we have an annual output of 400,000 tons hot-rolled steel strip. The main grade of our products includes: carbon steel (Q195, Q215, Q235, Q345, SS400, SM490, SPHC, 08Yu, 08Al), structural alloy steel, silicon steel and stainless steel

2-Cold Rolled Steel Strips Mill

Specialized in producing Cold rolled steel strip 300,000MT annually, the major facility including 350, 450, 650,850 cold-rolled steel strip reversible and continuous rolling mills, 800HC rolling machine, 5 acid-washing production line, auto-control slitting machine vertically and horizontally, 10 sets of batch annealing facility, 2 continuously black annealing lines, ammonia decomposition, stove of arising coal gas

3-Stainless Steel Strips Mill

Specialized in producing Cold rolled stainless steel strips 20,000MT annually. The mill has imported latest advanced stainless strips facility, including 5 sets cold-rolled steel strip reversible rolling machines, 6 sets bright-annealed stove, precision slitting machines etc. The thinnest thickness up to 0.1mm, width up to 400mm, we are able to provide your various grade, hardness, surface condition or specific request such as soft, semi-soft, half hard, full hard and extra–hard cold rolled stainless steel strips.

4- Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Strips Mill

Highly advanced GI facility, specialized in producing Hot dipped galvanized steel strip 200,000MT annually. The continual hot roll steel strip in coil is made into galvanized steel strip in coil by means of passing through the molten zinc pot. Its uniformity, tightness, erosion resistance and pressure resistance characterize the coating on the product surface. In addition, the strength of the welding seam is satisfied. The thickness from 0.20mm to 3.0mm, and width from 30mm to 630mm. The Zinc coating is from 60g/m2 to 275g/m2.

5-Welded Pipe Mill

There are 6 welded pipe producing lines, specialized in producing steel welding pipe 100,000 MT annually, The sizes of the welded pipe: 1)RoundΦ12-Φ76, 2)Square15 X15-60 X60, 3)Rectangle10 X20-40 X80; Wall thickness: 0.7mm-3.0mm.

6-Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Coils Mill

Specializing in the production of Hot-dip Galvanizing steel coils and related products. The annual capacity of this Continuous Hot-dip Galvanizing Lines which adopted the modified Sendzimir method can reach 700,000 tons. It can produce 0.14-5.0mm thick cold (0.15-2.5mm) or hot(1.5-5.0mm) rolled galvanized steel coils with 700-1550mm width. These lines are equipped with skin pass mill and can produce galvanized steel coils of regular spangle and minimized spangle with different specifications like CQ, SQ, FH and so on. The zinc coating is from 40g / m2 to 450g / m2. The lines can deal with various surface passivation treatment such as chromated, chromated with anti-finger or chrome free with anti-finger, chrome free, and trivalent chromium passivation, etc.

7-Pre-painted Steel Coils Mill

Pre-painted steel coil equipments with high quality are mainly imported from U.S.A, Japan, and Taiwan. The designed capacity of the line is 150,000 tons per year. It takes advantage of American GFG coating system and the process of two coating and two baking. And one tension leveler was adopted in the exit side; therefore, high quality Pre-painted coils could be produced. Color coated products are widely applied to roof, outside wall, rolling door, sandwich plate, ceiling, daylight lamp manostat, antistatic and dustproof furniture plate, white board, and self-cleaning plate, etc. And we also have a professional processing center for slitting and flattening the thin gauge. Designed capacity is 600, 000 tons per year. There are six imported processing lines which are all high-precision slitting equipments.

8-Hot Rolled Steel Coils Mill

Adopted many new steel rolling technologies and automatic cooling line, the two hot rolled steel coil production lines are with annual output of 7000,000 tons, which can supply high quality hot rolled steel coil to meet customer’s demand. And with six accessory slitting machines, the product width can be multi-choice from 1010mm to 1800mm.

9- Cold Rolled Steel Coils Mill

The whole equipment technologies are based on advanced techniques of steel cold rolling processing, fluid pressure sensing, electronic controlling etc. There are two pickling lines with annual production of 1.3 million tons, three cold rolling production lines with annual production of 1.6 million tons, two annealing lines with annual production of 0.5 million tons. The thickness range is from 0.15mm to 3.00mm.

10-Steel Structure Mill

Specializing in producing communication products, also as a professional manufacturer of communication accessory and steel structure products mainly on communication steel structure tower, supplemented by MDF, Cable transfer box, ODF(Optical Distribution Frame), Integrated communications equipment rooms and so on. The mill gained The ISO9001-2000 International Quality Certificate in 1999, and passed the review yearly. And the mill was awarded as the High-tech Enterprises of Jiangsu Province in 2009. In 2010, the mill was approved by the IS014000 environmental system certification. Meanwhile, the mill is equipped with the qualification of steel structure project specialized contracting grade 3. And also get the communication steel tower production license (XK11-001-00347) and safety production license.

11-Flat Bar Mill

Total two production lines with output of hot rolled flat bars 900,000 ton a year, the thickness is from 3.0m to 20mm, and the width is from 25mm to 180mm.By bringing high-tech equipments to keep the flat bar with excellent shape, good flat degree and verticality on two sides, The product are mainly used in all kinds of fields such as steel structure manufacturing, mechanical manufacturing, auto industry, mining machinery, crane machinery, cold rolling steel belt etc.